Dumping Cold Water On Your Head

In his blog, “Is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge About Structural Inequality,” Matt Thompson suggests that because ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) affects mainly white males, it is structurally unequal. Now, the Ice Bucket Challenge was no doubt a fad that swept the country and the world recently. People would dump a cold ice bucket of water over their heads and then make a donation to ALS. Now, undoubtedly the ALS Foundation loved this and reaped millions in donations from this. Many celebrities and regular folk participated in this silly challenge of frozen water being poured on their heads. Many did it on television and most did it on the Internet. It became an Instagram sensation. It also became a worldwide event until people got sick of it for it was overexposed and overdone.

I disagree with anthropologist Thompson on the fact that they could have been doing it for Ebola or AIDS or any other disease. The fact that they did it for a disease that predominately affects whites does not matter. It also does not matter what the charity was. The attraction was the act itself of people looking silly and foolish. This attracted people to the challenge. Where the money went was inconsequential to people who got a kick out of other people making fools of themselves.

Article used: http://savageminds.org/2014/08/27/is-the-als-ice-bucket-challenge-about-structural-inequality/