Who is your house designed for? It is expected that a house is set up to cater to the person who lives there, and pets are an afterthought. However many people are beginning to “catify” their homes: that is, to build in places for their cats to run, climb, and explore. This practice can be carried out in different degrees: sometimes this can be as simple as the addition of hammocks or bunk beds, but some people take it as far as to build shelves and ladders to make their house more cat-friendly.

Custom cat furniture serves two purposes: to be aesthetically pleasing to the human and to add mobility for the cat. It’s hard to argue that cat’s don’t look adorable snuggled up in a bunk bed, but cat bunk beds don’t provide any added functionality over normal cat beds. However a big part of “catification” is allowing your cat more opportunities to explore the space in three dimensions. Watching a cat’s natural curiosity and agility allows humans to see their own homes in a different way, and expands the cat’s freedom.

Of course, some of the cats seen in the article still prefer to sit on the keyboard.