Love in India

The freedom to love
Politics, not self-fulfilment, dominates public discussion of love in India
A.R. Vasavi

Many place in India have banned love marriages and are construed upon arraigned marriages. Arranged marriages are seen as the smart thing to do because your parents are supposed to be wiser than you and knows what’s best for you. Traditionally arranged marriages are seen as what you are supposed to do but the amount of love marriages are increasing due to thing like Hollywood movies and valentines day. The move to love marriages, are causing major friction in the Indian culture and society. When youth seek for love they are seen to be breaking rules of religion and can result in punishment.
Some of these Indians are trying to promote love in to sociality as a form of freedom and happiness. Other people in India are against the idea of love marriages and want to stick to arraigned marriages and the beliefs of their religion. While the people who believe in love still keep their beliefs in religion there still is a problem because it in not tradition. Theses two sides in India are contesting each other in social context for awareness, causing tension in certain areas of India.