Whats in Your Pocket?


What one carries around in there pocket can say a lot about someone according to Erin B. Taylor, the author of the blog “What do the things you carry say about you?”.  In the blog she examines the use of wallets and what one carries inside it, crucial items such as a motorbike, and last but not least, keys.  For me, when i received my license I began to carry around my wallet wherever I went.  The next addition to my wallet was my debit card and then came my college student ID.  Before one turns 18 and becomes a legal adult, an ID is rarely ever needed.  At the airport,for example, they do not require minors to present a form of identification but once one becomes an adult they do.

Next, for my crucial item i would include my phone.  My main sense of communication, I would honestly be lost without my phone.  As sad as this is, it is reality.  The transformation and advancement of technology has completely changed society.  The majority of people in the world now own some sort of smart phone.  These smart phones have the ability to make calls and send texts like any other phone but their “smartness” goes way beyond these now simple forms of communication.  These phones have the ability to turn into a GPS, completely eliminating the usage of paper maps, while also allowing one to search the web on the run.  They hold music and emails, as well as games that please the user.  Wherever you go you can be sure to find someone with their nose in their phone.  The advancement of technology has done some great things for society but at the same time has had some unfortunate and negative game-changing effects.  The days when people used to have to write or actually talk to someone to communicate with someone is long gone, and this quite frankly is sad, but that topic is for another day.  To me, even though I don’t love it, my phone is a big part of my life, holding lots of personal information and my schedule on it.

Lastly come the keys.  Yes, I have carried keys around before, holding the keys to my car and house, but once I went off to college, i left those set of keys behind and began anew.  On move in day, I received a set of keys that enabled me to enter into my dorm and my room.

By analyzing what I personally carry in my pocket, one can come to the conclusion that I am indeed a college student.  If one carried out field work on campus analyzing everyones pockets, they will most likely come up with very similar results as myself as everyone attends college on this campus.  The author is correct in saying that you can tell a lot about one by what they carry around in their pockets.