Sports as a Unification Mechanism


When it comes to sports, teams and fans don’t care about what you look like (race, gender, etc.) but rather your performance.  In today’s extremely judgmental society, where girls are supposed to be pencil thin in order to be asuper-model and one is supposed to look a certain way in order to be considered “good-looking”, sports provides an escape.  Sure, there are comments made towards the lives of athletes outside of their jobs and people are judgmental of stats and performance, but the overall point comes from the fact that as long as one has the talent and work ethic to perform at a high level, there will always be a spot.  Sports in which teamwork is required is the main source of unification.  Teammates must come together and bond. They do not just play for themselves, but rather for the good of the team.  Teams that have had torn chemistry tend to fail.  For example, the 2012 Boston Red Sox, a Major League baseball (MLB) team, had reports of selfish players.  This resulted in them finishing in last place in there division.  The next year, 2013, the Red Sox came back with a new looking team and manager and the team went on to win the World Series, the championship of the MLB.  There are many more instances across sports in which a broken and torn clubhouse results in poor performance.  Chemistry must be made between the players and even manager in order to succeed.  Players must look past their differences and focus on a common goal such as winning.

The unification that sports can bring goes past much more than just teams but rather countries.  Events such as the Olympic Games, The FIFA World Cup Soccer, The World Baseball Classic, and many more bring countries together, where they can all look past their differences and conflicts with one another and focus on the games.  As mentioned in the blog post “Sports and Identity” by Fuji, during the Asian Cup in 2007, the Iraqi team consisted of many different ethnic groups such as the Suni, Shi’ites, and Kurds.  These are groups that are known for having major conflicts with each other, but the Iraqi team went on to win the Finals.  How does this happen one may ask?  Well, its a result of all of the players looking past their differences with one another and playing for a greater goal of winning.  When the players enter onto the pitch, field, or other playing surfaces, they all become the same under one team.  Working for a greater cause such as winning allows people to look past their differences and focus on a common goal, unifying them all.