Getting Published

“Why the Peer Review Process Works Even When It Doesn’t”
Carole Mcgranahan

This article depicts society’s Problems and how illuminating problems in certain settings can be seen as a problem its themselves. Carole McGranahan explains how she unearths the truths about an article from renowned archeologist. She writes a book on things she uncovers but struggles to get it published. The editors that reviewed her work did not want to smear the image of a famous archeologist. Even though he took full credit for a student’s master thesis no one was willing to damage his reputation. She battles to get her views published to show the demotion of women in the archeological culture. Mcgranahan eventually got her work published through one of her former students.
Her struggles show how society will stand by and let a girls work be stole because it’s not something they do not want to be associated with or they do not see the importance. Cultures in settings like this ignore justice for some reasons that are unknown. Society should be active members of justice but in this situation People don’t see the problem or don’t think in need to be fixed. Gender roles play a significant role in this problem. A man steals a female work and is praised for it but when light is shed on what really happened no one want to bring sown the mans appearance. This situation shows the dominance of males in society.