Total Control to Total Racism

Would you play a game where you could control everything? What about if you could control lightning, earthquakes, volcanoes, and even, sharks? Now what about if you add people? Well to most of the world they answered yes to these three questions, as the app Pocket god, a topped apples list of best selling apps in the recent week. This new app lets you have total control of all the elements and the even “islanders”. You can toss, drown, light them on fire, or feed them to the sharks whenever you want, and the “islanders” just keep coming back. Sounds like a harmless game right?

Many customers are shocked and bewildered at the thought that apple would let this application go into the stores. In the blog, Pocket God, author P. Kermin Friedman discuss the game and poses some very interesting questions. For example, why is the game allowed to be downloaded? The game clearly shows darker skin colored people in green skirts on an island with the Easter Island Statue in the background. Is our society so racist that this doesn’t even cross our mind when we swipe away at these “islanders” and lead them to their death. As fun as the game may be, one cannot ignore some of the blatantly racist points, even if they were unintentional. If these islanders were black or Jewish, people would be up in arms and protesting against apple, what makes pacific islanders so different? As a culture, have we grown so accustomed to racist that this doesn’t even come to our attention? Or have we just decided to look the other way? As a response to these hateful posts, the company is making a new Pocket god, and adding some minor changings, including changing the name from “islanders” to “oogs”. Maybe the name change will soften up the criticism.