The Power of Women in Haiti

In this article, Timothy Schwartz speaks about gender inequality in Haiti among women as he proves that they do have status. He summarizes information from Beverly Bell author of Walking Fire to argue from his side how she in some ways is not completely correct. I feel like for a third world country like Haiti many people may mistaken it for a place where Haitian woman are repressed. Instead Tim Schwartz informs us that Haitian women  have more status than what people actually think.  With his experience in Port-au-Prince, Haiti Schwartz is able to tell us from a first hand experience what he has observed in the Haitian society.
 Due to our knowledge of gender roles, today in society it is safe to say we see men as the heads of the household and that they play a crucial part in the family dynamic while the duty of the women in lessened. This is easily said because it is something that is seen as normal as far as gender roles go. While it is easy to assume these gender roles, it is important to know about the culture before assuming gender inequality exists there.