Sustainability is everything–and nothing

Sustainability is the question that Ryan Anderson is talking about in his blog post on development in Cabo Pulmo Baja California Sur, Mexico.  He was at a community meeting in 2012 and he was conversing with scientists who talked about the notion of mass tourism development trying to take over the region.  This has been a constant problem and before the meeting there had been two major attempts, Cabo Cortes and Les Pericues, that had tried to put a mass tourist site at the East Cape, which is still undeveloped today.  There are large environmentalist groups that hold these attempts at bay, which is a good thing this kind of rapid development is harmful for the environment and the people.  The rapid growth in the area causes more problems for the locals than benefits like crime and pollution.  Problems like these don’t go away easily and are difficult for the locals to deal with because all of the money in the area is focused on the hotels and tourist industries the locals are easy prey. What the people in the area want is sustainable development.  A product that does not alienate the people whom live in the area and doesn’t harm the environment.  The type of project that is small scale and includes everyone’s rights so that they have a say in their community and how its treated.  The locals are not necessarily against development as a whole but they are against being taken advantage of.  This is a difficult task for a project whose main goal is to make as much money as fast as possible.  However, the aforementioned projects that died came back under the name Cabo Dorado.  This project had its tagline set to sustainability, the exact thing that the locals want to have in a tourism project.  There are questions about whether the project is actually sustainability and it isn’t.  There would be no use bring a project that has a tagline being sustainability but the end product won’t actually be sustainable.  Does a concept car every look like the production model?  Sustainability is what the people want but if these projects go somewhere they will not be sustainable for the people of Cabo Pulmo.