Public Bathrooms and Sex

Are we constrained as a male or female by the label on public bathrooms? The common symbol of a girl wearing a dress or a male with jeans on is subjective and somewhat restricting. Not all women wear dresses and not all men wear jeans. The problems that arise with gender and sex and being able to define them in our culture bring about much confusion. Some believe that sex is biological body parts and gender is how you express yourself sexually.

I think to be able to suppress the awkwardness that arises from bathroom segregation is to make bathrooms with no sign that displays gender or sex. The label should just say “bathroom” or “public restroom”. The bathroom should have a lot of toilets and optional urinals for those individuals that find urinals more comfortable. Since our society is unable to define and separate gender and sex, labeling bathrooms as “men” and “women” is vague. An individual could define themselves as male due to their body parts or due to their sexual expression. If someone who didn’t have male body parts but stepped into a “male” labeled bathroom because they express themselves as a man, they would be penalized and vice versa. Therefore, there shouldn’t be a bathroom labeled as “other” because that definition is different to everyone. The best solution would be not to make all public restrooms “unisex” but simply just “public restroom”.