Lamilly vs. Barbie

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Barbie has always been infamous for representing the unattainable physical goals placed on girls and women alike. Many dolls have come and go in hopes to combat Barbie’s success, yet none have remained as iconic as Barbie herself. The latest, however, has taken a different approach from the others. The photo in the top left is Lamilly, created by Nickolay Lamm to represent the real, average proportions of a 19-year-old girl. In the article “Why Lamilly Won’t Last”, author Elizabeth Chin expresses her prediction that, much like the others, this doll will not stand a chance against the one and only Barbie.

Her first reason for this belief is that it has already been done with 1991’s Barbie alternative, the “Happy To Be Me” doll. This doll, extremely similar to Lamilly, was a massive failure and very unpopular with the children. The whole intrigue surrounding Barbie, Chin states, is that she is NOT real. It seems the more imaginative and less life-like a toy, the more children are enamored by it (Monster High dolls were listed as an example of this).

Her second reason is that she believes Barbie is not the one to blame for low self-esteem, it is “the culture that produces Barbie”. She believes that the culture that we live in today greatly stresses the need for perfection in every aspect of our lives. Barbie cannot be blamed for all of the unrealistic standards placed on young girls today, it is our society with its heavy importance on physical beauty that should be to blame. In conclusion, Chin believes that we should not change the doll, but that we should change our values and our society if we want to see less self-esteem problems in young girls.