Gender and Hygienic Products

This article, titled “Arctic Masculinity” by Rex is about the gendering of drugstore hygienic products. He writes about how when he went to the drugstore, most of the masculine-geared hygienic products are labelled with cold and arctic-themed labels such as “arctic blast”, “blizzard”,and ‘avalanche”. In Western society, masculinity is expected to be harsh, aggressive, and strong. The arctic is seen to represent these masculine ideals. Winter and the cold are also associated with the color blue, which in US society is perceived as being the most masculine color. In contrast, hygienic products for women tend to be floral-based, and also being labelled with names involving the breeze and grass. These scents are related to springtime, and tend to be softer, sweeter, and more delicate, which appeal to the US perception of femininity. Spring is associated with flowers, fruits, and lighter, pastel colors, which are perceived as being very feminine. Almost everything that is sold as a product I the US is gendered. Even products that all genders use in the exact same manner, such as toothbrushes, are labelled. Based off of the labelling of these hygiene products, even the seasons and different aspects of nature are being gendered in order to sell products.