Doctors Without Boarders

Emilie Venables tells us in her article “Anthropology and Humanitarian Aid” about the Medécins Sans Frontières (MSF) which is a group of doctors who work in conflict zones and areas of natural disasters or epidemics.  The surprise that many people don’t know is tha anthropologist are heavily employed with in the program and the pool is increasing. These anthropologist job is to work in situations with culturally sensitive issues by designing and implementing interventions.

Medical Anthropologists have play a crucial role in the prevention and awareness of issues like HIV and malaria. they are also playing a much more crucial role today than ever in the finding the best ways to solve problems that are culturally sensitive or significant.

Anthropology is used  in many different careers and hobbies  and by being able to think anthropologically can enable one to be  able to solve problems in a entirely new and more efficient ways. It also helps in the area of medicine due to the confidential essence along with the importance of culture. Also understanding how people make meaning of their decisions regarding medicine and treatment. Being able to work anthropologically can correlate to being able to help solve real world problems like the MSF does.