Disputes over Climate Change

Climate Change seems to be a troubling area of study because, as expressed in Merrill Singer’s article, there are people who disagree with the idea and its causes. Ms. Singer described in her article how even with all of the information about it today “… climate change denial thrives”. She even brings up an instance where the writers of a textbook for 6th grade students in Texas changed the information to state that: “…Scientists agree that Earth’s climate is changing. They do not agree on what is causing the change”. This was noted as being a false statement as many scientists “…do agree on what is causing climate change, human behavior” this was therefore misinforming the students.

In an interview with Shirley Fiske, identified as the American Anthropological Association’s Global Climate Change Task Force Chair, she discusses three main points (see interview) that “distinguish” Anthropology from other fields of study and the way they “…see climate change”. She states in her second point how: “The drivers of climate change are, ultimately, cultural behaviors, decisions and actions. Cultural values and behavior are driving climate change – not emissions, populations, and land use changes.” To be able to disprove the information such as that in the textbook example above, we must know, can this also be supported by people in other fields of study? Understanding the views of people on this topic may be helpful for collaboration and gaining better knowledge to support the presence of climate change and understand people’s beliefs better.

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Interview between Judi Pajo and Shirley Fiske:

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