Lamilly the Modern Doll

You have always heard about how Barbie is no where near the right proportions for a modern female and the complaints that many parents have, Lamilly is the answer to this. Lamilly is said to be similar to the average 19 year old female in appearance. This changes Barbies look from a tall, skinny, blond, to a more wider brunette. The reason this type of doll was made was because parents and many adults have been complaining it gives woman unrealistic standards. P. Kermin Friedman talks about why Lamilly will not last in todays market and everything he says makes sense.

Barbie is marketed towards children not adults, the child chooses to play with the doll whether the parents like it or not. Why is Barbie doing so well? One of the reasons may be that Barbie is unrealistic Friedman suggests. Toys, gadgets, and other gimmicks that are marketed towards kids are not realistic, if anything they are widely unrealistic. Superheros are sold to boys and Barbies are sold to girls because they offer the child a break from what is around him/her and escape into their own imagination. With the Lamilly doll a child might get bored faster, simply put. The Lamilly doll does not allow that escape from reality and the culture around that child while a Barbie can fulfill that desire.