Anthropology’s Long Tail, or AAA 2.0

In the blog post does anthropology have a long tail, it starts off discussing about the idea of vetted ideas and rejected ideas and why some ideas are killed while others live on. It then refers to an article written in 2004 that depicts a graph used to show areas of sales for book stores in comparison to Amazon which holds a more diverse range of purchasable goods. How this all ties in is where things become interesting. The blog begins to break down the idea of the 2.0, starting with the internet and how it has diversified over time to the point that when there are new updates to internet programs, users simply get notification. While before people would have to wait for announcements or release of new technology in the past.
I think that the author of this blog post was right when it came to culturally applying the idea of change through technology. The author’s example of how libraries will be changing and how it may get to the point where they’re are no longer found in buildings was really powerful because libraries have been a sign of great wealth in knowledge for not just individuals but whole countries as well. Technology is going to be changing the cultural norm of going to the library to get research items and or going to the library to get a simple book to read. Instead, there is the potential of getting all need information electronically.

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