Anthropology Opens Doors

Anthropology opens up doors to a multitude of opportunities. Teaching others about anthropology and how to use it can make a huge difference in many lives. In the article “We Can’t Be What We Can’t See,” Myeashea Alexandar discusses how she tries to not only do anthropological research but educate others on how they can use anthropology. Alexandar specifically focuses on a school in New York City that is not doing very well with students who don’t have access to the best education and struggle in their lives outside of school. By teaching these children from a young age about anthropology, it allows them to have a positive outlook on option for them later in life. Specifically for the children in this school, they will most likely have more of a drive when they are older to help those in their current situation. Anthropology deals with much research and fieldwork but with the information taken from this can be applied and used to make changes.

Anthropology can take on many different roles. Everyone who uses anthropology does so in different ways; there are various approaches. The perspective of a person coming form an inner-city public school will contrast with someone who has come from the same private school they went to their whole life. The title of the article reflects exactly what is being said throughout and that is that children and people in general will not be able to use anthropology if they have never been educated or had experience with it. By teaching children at a young age about the possibilities of anthropology, it opens their options from a young age and allows them to use it throughout their lives.