The end of the Mayan calendar predicted that the word was going to end on December 21, 2012, but it clearly did not. There are hundreds of theories of when and why the world is going to end on the Internet, but why was this one so well known? In the article   2012, The Movie We Love to Hate, the author discusses how the film 2012 helped publicize and cause general interest in December 21, 2012. The film 2012, released in 2009, depicts an apocalyptic situation in which catastrophes threaten to end the world. An apocalyptic film with the title 2012 implies that the film is about the predicted ending of the world, but this is not entirely true. The film was originally unrelated to the Mayan calendar, but the director was eventually talked into naming it 2012 and adding a sight aspect of this phenomenon because of the public interest. It does not discuss the Maya at all, excluding a few brief mentions and the opening title. Marketing for the film started in 2008 and the film came out in 2009 and did incredibly well in the box office.

2012 undoubtedly influenced our opinion of December 21. 2012. This film instilled extreme fear in society that we were all going to die on that one specific day. The film was originally supposed to recreate Noah’s ark but the title was changed and the tagline was made “We were warned” in order to relate the story to our real lives and bring more people to the theaters to see what could happen if the Mayans were right, and listen to the warning before it is too late. The popularity of this film created more focus on the threat of the world ending, and whether everyone believed in it or not, it was a topic constantly thought about and debated in this time period. The heightened fear caused by 2012 leads us to ask ourselves one question, why is society so easily influenced by pop culture? Today it is impossible to live without the internet, we entertain ourselves, we connect with family and friends, and we find the answer to any question we could ever possibly have. The downside is that it, in a certain way, limits the knowledge we receive. With the entire world being connected we are all sharing the same pool of information and when everybody is talking about the same, most popular topics, they are all that are going to be thought about and discussed for a period of time. Between 2009 and 2012 people discussed the Mayan calendar endlessly. Having a large majority of people talking about this one topic increases potential validity of it. The threat behind the end of the Mayan calendar was publicized and increased by the film 2012.