What is really human nature?

This article, titled “Busting myths of human nature” by Agustin Fuentes is about the general assumption that human nature is based off the nature and nurture debate, and that many theories about human nature are based off the ideal that human nature is simply a mixture of culture and biology, while this may not actually be the case. Fuentes brings up the concept that human nature is actually based off of human potential and performance. He describes performance as being the expression of physical and behavioral traits, while potential is the underlying factors that contribute to human performance. One of the main myths of human nature that Fuentes explores is the idea of sex. Many people believe that sex is completely biological, and that men and women are completely different and are considered opposites because of nature. However, there are a lot of other factors that need to be put into play. Sex is not a binary, although many people perceive it as one. Societal expectations and perceptions regarding sex are based off the ideal that men and women are opposites. The potential of humans in relation to sex is actually much broader and more complicated than how sex is performed in the US society. Sex is performed based off of the narrow perspective of society.