The Game They Play

Barcelona, when you hear that name, you got think immediately of Messi, Neymar and now Suarez. This is their front line. There is so much skill in this front line it’s kind of scary, but its not just their front line what makes them so powerful. It’s their communication, touch and skill that bring them all together to make this powerhouse. I had the chance to watch this team play live in Spain. It was so exciting watching them warm up. Messi and Iniesta were sending long balls to each other, they only had two touches, one to stop the ball and the other to send the ball. It was amazing; I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. Then when the first whistle blew to start the game I was so glued to watching the field. This was Neymar’s first game for Barcelona and he scored the game opener, the crowd went wild and all you could hear were the screams of joy. I have never seen a team play like they did. The game was one sided because Barcelona was able to keep the ball more than half the time. That style of play, being able to hold onto the ball without the other team being able to attack shows how well they work as a unit. I was watching something I’ve never seen before. This game was a great experience to see how these stars put aside how famous they were and focused on the game to win together.

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