Public Urination in India

In the article “When the city is your urinal”, the author, Jen Barr, discusses a viral video in which men in India were depicted urinating on public streets in the city. Due to the large number of pubic urinations, the government hired a water tanker to hose down anyone that was found peeing in the street. Because of the video, people have turned to write on favorite ‘peeing walls’ “no urination here”. The exact reasons for the large amounts of public urination are unknown, but ideas “range from a lack of urinals to a lack of civic sense”.

Although people may link the large amount of diseases in the area to these actions, this is not the case. Almost no disease are transmitted through urine, they are instead transmitted through fecal matter. Even though it does not cause disease, public urination has caused some effects. For example, storeowners have complained about the smell and the fact that the acidity in the urine has damaged walls and paint on the stores.

Many people view this act of urinating in public as an act of dominance and power by men. In a time of great gender discussions in India, many people, including Barr, view this as unacceptable in a public space.

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