Motherhood and Societal Judgement

This post, titled “What does it mean to be a mother?” by Matt Thompson focuses on the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy in Connecticut and the criticism against the mother of Adam Lanza, the man who shot and killed twenty-six children at Sandy Hook elementary school, as well as his mother and himself. The author decided to write this post after he heard church bells in his tow chime twenty-six times in memorial, but did not chime for Adam Lanza’s mother. In this post, Thompson explores why mothers in Western society are held to such high standards and are expected to raise their children in the proper way all the time. One of the biggest criticisms people are speaking about is that Adam Lanza’s mother should have known that Lanza was a threat and she should not have kept guns in her house. In the US, mothers are expected to keep their children as their number one priority and to make sure their children always come first. The parenting culture of the US is obsessed with close caregiving between mother and child. There are rules and regulations on the proper way to raise a child, represented through parenting magazines, videos, and online articles. Mothers are held to a much higher standard than fathers are in relation to parenting, which may be due to the old American ideals of the nuclear family, where the mothers are expected to have the responsibility  of raising the children, whereas fathers go and work every day. This idea is further represented in this specific instance, where Adam Lanza’s father has been hardly negatively criticized in the media.