Misleading Memory

In “Don’t Trust Your Memory!” by P. Kerim Friedman, he explains how our memory can be misleading and cause us to develop the wrong memories. This is in fact an issue because he used and article about Brian Williams getting his facts wrong about the Iraq war. This is troublesome for all of us because everyone suffers from memory issues. This can relate to working on the field in anthropology, for those who go off for 18 months of studying a new culture. They can’t be expected to remember every detail that happened within that day. Sure there are there are some details not worth remembering but the most important ones are the ones needed to have locked down in your memory. There are methods that can help like taking down notes or self-recording. These help insure what occurred that day. Notes have always been helpful because it’ll leave you with key points to remember instead of trying to recall exactly what happened. You surely don’t want to create a false memory because once you do that; you yourself will believe it actually happened. This can have affects on other jobs around the specifically those who have a job that require the truth.

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