Keep Things Going

Oh so you have a new girlfriend? Congrats but don’t think because you’ve made it official there’s time to rest. You still have to care for the needs of your new girlfriend. She’s given you this chance to find excitement in you. So what’re you going to do? Prove her wrong? No you’re going to create an exciting relationship and show how much of a gentleman you are. You are going to attend her needs and comfort her anytime of the day. Make her feel special. Make her feel that you want and need her in your life. Give this relationship meaning, and that it will go somewhere and create the strongest bond of all. Don’t be afraid to show her your goofy side and break down the wall of doubts. You don’t want to have her thinking that you don’t trust her. If she has friends who happen to be guys you should trust her into doing the right thing and not going behind your back. She knows who she wants and the answer is already given. Its you. From this point on you should cherish her, treat her right, excite her, and most importantly don’t forget to bring smile to her face everyday. That can and will go a long way for you. As a guy you should make her feel that shes the only girl in the world and you only want her. Be the best you can be and show her, because it will help.

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