Global Events and Their Cost versus Benefit

In the article “The Spectacle and Hidden Cost of Global Sporting Events” The author,  Rahul Oka, goes into depth of the cost versus benefits of a country, or a city, hosting a major global events. The  global event that the article focuses on is the FIFA World Cup.

When hosting an event, Oka explains that although certain aspect of the country can improve such as more jobs and infrastructural changes, the prices to pay for it are substantial. Some examples provided are low safety standards in Qatar led to about 1,200 deaths of migrant workers from Nepal and India. Also how will the issues of homophobia and racism which are extremely prominent in Russia impact the next FIFA world cup which is set to be in Russia.

When thinking anthropologically the issues with in a country’s culture such as racism and homophobia along with hardships in economic and politics can be solved by events like the Olympics and the World Cup. Nations would be more compelled to tone down view points especially being under the spotlight that comes with a hosting country.

Economically when hosting Global events revenue never reaches its expectations and risks are higher than rewards but the spotlight effect that comes with the events allows a country to let other see how they make meaning of their culture and can be very influential in improving cultures