Aliens and Archaeology

Aliens. Do they exist or all the encounters from the extraterrestrial world mis-interpretations of natural earthly phenomenas? The author of this article, Katy Meyers Emery, is not trying to disprove the existence of aliens. She admits that discovering aliens would be “cool”. Her point is that humanity is highly intelligent without the aid of extraterrestrial beings. Many people believe that ancient humans were unable to create the pyramids or crystal skulls without alien intervention. The author argues that simply is not so. Humans have been pushing limits since the dawn of our existence.

Ms. Emery goes in depth about how skulls that ancient alien theorists like to use as evidence for aliens are simply natural human phenomenas. For example,the Starchild was a child with an abnormally large head. Many people were arguing that this skull was evidence of past alien intervention when in actuality the child had congenital hydrocephalus. Many of the ancient alien theorists assume that elongated heads are a signature feature of aliens due to popular culture on what an alien may look like. They do not consider that humans have been manipulating their bodies, including their skulls to get ostentatious looks for thousands of years.

The fact that many humans believe that our ancestors were too dumb to create such incredulous artifacts says a lot about how humanity views ourselves. They assume that we are far more intellectual than our ancestors. Humans of all eras have a very pompous, entitled attitude. This article makes humans seem like they lack the ability to look into the future where everything we think we know could be wrong and just focus on the present, where we are right. Humanity is made up of brilliant minds, past and present, and humans have the right to take 100% of the credit for that.