Why Thin is Fashionable

Thin Is Still In, focuses on the modeling industry and why it is that thin models are still popular. What seems to come from this article is the circular notion of why thin models are still popular. One reason is that is what’s expected in the industry, “they choose looks that they expect everyone else to choose too”, by doing so there is the continuation of choosing models who look nothing like the average person. The author continues by explaining that the extremely thin models are in what’s known was the  ‘high-end collections”, and not the “commercial”, however the commercial models and what they are in are not as “prestigious”, and therefore worth less.

What makes the industry so interesting is the difference between high-end and commercial modeling. Even though more people are able to buy clothes from commercial lines, it is the high-end fashion, which catches people attention. Essentially the high-end fashion is what influences commercial fashion and is thusly seen as more important. So, even if commercial models are more like the average person it’s not important because more attention is paid to the high-fashion world, leaving progress that the commercial industry may make not as important because people don’t see them as worth scrutiny.

While this piece was written several years ago (2010), I think that there is still the clear preference for thin models. Even though ‘plus sized’ models are becoming more popular and gaining more attention, they are still not the models who are seen on runways during various fashions weeks. The standard for high-fashion models is still the seemingly unhealthy thin, so even though the piece may seem outdated there is still relevance to the words. According to one recent study over 60% of models have been asked to loose weight and almost 50% admitted to doing cleanses and restricting their food intake in order to loose weight quickly. Keeping these in mind it is important to continue asking questions about the modeling industry and asking why we hire thin models.

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