Traveling through a camera

Whenever I travel, taking pictures is one of the most important parts of the trip, whether its to New York City or Costa Rica. Photography is a way to share my experience with other people and to reminisce about memories from once in a lifetime opportunities. In the article called “Happy Snaps”, David Thompson writes about the “particularly recent phenomenon” of everyone traveling with cameras.

The advancement in technology over the past decade makes it possible to take pictures and share them through social media in just minutes. The transformation of how we take photos is causing people to see foreign places through the lens of the camera more than through their own eyes. When I took a trip to Hawaii, I sadly spent most of the time looking through my camera rather than enjoying the magnificent views through my own eyes. Taking pictures is definitely not a bad thing and it is a great way to share and remember one’s travels. However, in my opinion, you should not spend the whole time behind your camera so you do not miss out on experiencing different cultures and attractions that you may never see again.

Everyone has their own way of traveling, and if you are like David Thompson, then photography is the way you make meaning out of your experience.