Cows- Man’s Best Friend?


In the article “Forget cats and dogs, cows are our best friends”, the author, Larry Stout, discusses how for centuries we have been conflicted on whether cats or dogs are truly man’s best friend. For much of our recent history, many people would say dogs are mans best friend without a question, however, since the internet was invented cats have become more popular. Stout attributes most of this fascination with cats on the fact that they grab our attention easily with the things they do.

Larry Stout believes that the focus on man’s best friend should really be on the cow. Cows have many practical and some less practical affects on human culture. For example, in cultures around the world cows are eaten, worn, used for fuel (the dung), weapons, and used as status symbols for the wealthy. Furthermore, cows were brought to new places when ancient cultures need to move on. They viewed these animals as vital for their existence.

Although you may not think it, cows are incredibly present even in American culture. The University of Texas, the University of South Florida, and many other college teams have adopted cows and cattle as their mascot. According to Stout, one reason for this is because cows have become symbols of power and status.

I agree with Larry Stout that although cats and dogs may “provide companionship”, no animal other than the cow has provided humans with practical, economic, and cultural uses. Because of this, cows should be considered mans best friend.

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