Cats and the Human World

Cat in a human contraption

Throughout the past several millennia humans have amassed a sizable handful of creatures they deem worthy of being “pets.” They come in all shapes and sizes, one of the most popular creatures being cats. Humans love these fuzzy creatures, but they’re not always satisfied by just owning a cat. Like most things that humans own, cats and their living spaces can be “customized” to show off an owners personal tastes. A human’s culture can be shown by their veneration of their pet through the collars they wear and the beds they sleep on. Some humans even create elaborate mazes and homes for their pets, less for the pet and more for the entertainment of the human.

This line of thought is supported by Paul Mullins in his article “Outfitting the modern cat.” In his article Mullins states that the material wealth of a cat’s is a direct statement of the owner’s personal style and wealth. He also feels that humans like cats so much simply because the cats aren’t human. As a species, we find it comical and interesting to watch a non-human interact with a world so specially built for ourselves. However, Mullins states his fear of humans forgetting about this aspect of motion and interaction, instead focusing on pampering them and buying them more things. In other words, treating them like humans instead of cats, called “anthropomorphization”. Though it may be cute to treat a cat like a mini human, it’s important to remember that they’re different than us in innumerable ways, and that cats have their own way of moving and living. So, humans must simply take more interest in letting their cat be a cat, and respect how they work.×1050/animals/cats/bus-cat-house-wallpaper/download/