The Power Of Language

In this article ” On being near-native speaker ” Anna Babel explains how parts of her personal life were viewed in certain cultures. She sheds a light on how the way she was taught to speak a language affected society’s views of her and altered they way people treated her. Babel is a Spanish professor who speaks a version if Spanish that is seen as non-prestige. She doesn’t speak a formal version of Spanish, which brings in the conflict on whether she is considered to be an insider of an outsider; even though she declares herself as one of them ethnically and lives by their traditions, She still does not fit in as a native.

When she travels to places with Native Spanish speakers her circumstances determined the way she is treated. When she travels to Bolivia with her husband or family and speaks in Spanish the way she was thought sociality views her, as a peasant. They do not treat her with respect because of the way she pronounces her Spanish. If Babel went in the same situation but dressed and spoke as a tourist she would be treated with the utmost respect. They way she acts around certain people in a certain cultural and alter the way they perceive and treat her as a human being.