Our Fascination with Aliens


I think I can speak for the majority of my fellow humans when I say that my since my early childhood I have been bombarded with the idea of extraterrestrials. Whether it be scary sci-fi films or conspiracy theories, I can honestly say that the idea of aliens is inescapable and at the same time extremely interesting. So what is this fascination with aliens? Katy Meyers Emory explores this idea in her article, “Aliens and archaeology”.

In the article Emory looks at a few different archaeological cases concerning abnormal human remains in which elongated skulls were discovered. Now although these cases were completely explainable whether the cause of the misshapen-ed skulls being medical abnormalities or simply a sign of higher status, the stories still made worldwide news as humans first reactions had to do with aliens. But why is this our first reaction? Emory questions that perhaps “it is because we’ve hit a point in our human existence where our own earth is not as unknown as it was before.” Has our desire to seek and explore not been fulfilled? Are we somehow in a drought in which the unknown is now known and we need a new mystery to solve? The answer may only lie in human nature.