Why Thin is Still In

Sara Ziff, a Columbia University student, made a documentary about her 4 years in the modeling industry. Sara shares her personal experience and other model’s experiences in the industry. Her main goal after making the documentary was to change the agencies “beauty” perspective since it has affected many women’s life. “Why Thin Is Still In” is an article written about the documentary.

It is very interesting how a huge industry is affecting so many people. The mentality of the editors, agents, and designers is what has to change in order to see a difference in this industry. Everyone knows that models suffer from eating disorders, drug abuse, and self esteem. They are all doing those things for a reason, to fulfill the expectations of the agencies. But the agencies aren’t the only ones to blame; agencies have those requirements because the designers have the requirements, the designers have those requirements to find editors who are interested in their product and it attracts the writers and the readers. It is all a cycle; if none change then we wont see a change in the industry.

Models experience everyday violence. They suffer, but they don’t do anything about it because they want to be part of the industry. It has a great impact in their lives and society should take some action. Anthropologists play a role since they research the past and present. Back in the 1900’s models were completely different to what they are now. The media also plays a role because if it stops circulating, then women wont be under the pressure of being thin to look beautiful. But it’s all in the hands of the models; if they don’t act and try to make a change then the industry will keep running. The industry is nothing without the models so they have to start the change. Anthropologist can continue to research on this problem, the effects and the influences it has on society and culture.