A black feminist anthropologist writes about colorblindness, current issues with black people, and how colorblindness is racism. Colorblindness is the “inability to see certain colors in the usual way.” This means, colorblindness is when one treats everyone as a human being not looking at anything else or thinking about his or her race or history. If someone is colorblind, they are completely ignoring a great part of the individual because one is its history, and people act the way they act because of the history, culture, and background. Everyone: Latinos, Africans, Asians all have been greatly influenced and impacted by their history and culture; it has a lot to do with what the person is. It is a reality that we all come from different backgrounds and races.

Racism and inequality is one of the most popular topics talked lately in the United States. Anthropologist play a big role in it since we study, learn, and try to understand why things happen how they happening. We have all heard about Michael Brown and Eric Garner. If you are a white person then you can’t relate much to the every-day racism, but you should put yourself in the other people’s shoes and act upon it. We are in the 21th century and we are still dealing with what happened years ago. It is in our hands to try and comprehend what is happening for us to make a difference. Anthropologists have studied theories, methods, and observations. Their job is to understand humans and their culture, so they play a big role in investigating the trouble, separation, and inequality that still exist in the United States.