What’s in Your Bag?

In the article What Do The Things You Carry Say About You? by Erin B. Taylor she reflects on interviews she had between a couple who lived near the Haitian and Dominican Republic border. I was interested in this article because of my excessive need to carry too many things with me. I always want to be prepared for every situation and I wondered what people in less developed countries might see as important things to carry with them.

One of the things Erin B. Baker asked in the interview was what was most important thing they carried with them. Both people said their Dominican national identity cards. These allow them to “open a bank account, purchase a mobile phone SIM card, and enroll in university”. Their second most important item was their cell phones, which is what would commonly be thought as an Americans’ most important item as well. Although the couple both had a Haitian and Dominican Republic mobile phone to make calls to both places.

What a person carries can support a person’s identity. What a person carries with them shows what is most important to them. These important items change between countries because of their situations. For example if a country is unsafe they may feel it necessary to have something that makes them feel safe. Americans are obsessed with constantly being in touch with people and information so they would want their cell phone. This same item can mean something completely different to others, such as security. Each item that a person carries holds an importance to them helping define who they are as a person.

Source: http://popanth.com/article/what-do-the-things-you-carry-say-about-you