The Power of Graffiti

Graffiti has evolved in our society through years of developing and recreating itself. It has become a new form of art and form of expression. The thing that makes graffiti differ from other forms of art is that it is an art that is practiced without permission. In the article “Struggles on the walls: Political graffiti in Portugal” by Ricardo Campos the conflicts that have stemmed from the practice of graffiti in Portugal are addressed.  The article discusses how the graffiti is being used as a political tool to express the opinion of the people. When someone uses graffiti, if it’s put in the right place it can be powerful. It has to be put in a place where it can be seen by many people. The epidemic of graffiti has become worldwide, it is a common language that everyone can understand and interrupt in their own ways. The graffiti that was once used to to just tag walls have now become walls that hold political opinions. It also causes a stir between the classes as the walls continue to slowly fill up with graffiti. Graffiti has grown to be apart of cultures as a tool of expression as people still refuse to accept it.