The Face of Our Borders

Immigration and migration have been a part of the United States history since the beginning.  Recently, our government has become very concerned with Mexican immigration. Often, people are escaping poverty and violence. Many of the immigrants coming to the United States could be classified technically as political refugees, in which case the US would have to grant them immigration into the United States, but instead, they remain in detention centers, waiting to hear if they will be sent back to Mexico.

In the Article A Tale of Many Borders, Gabriella Sanchez looks at our US borders, and the ways in which migration, and vulnerability are incorporated into the United States national security. We make it so present that we do not want people without citizenship crossing into the United States. Our borders are patrolled by guards and cameras. It is important to keep our Country safe, but it is also important to look at the message we are sending to other Countries. We are saying that no matter the direct political violence you suffer from in your home Country, we are not willing to help you seek refuge. To other Countries, the United States is seen as a place of freedom, with many opportunities. A place where the government helps and looks after its people and attempts to keep peace in the Country. However, we will not allow other people seeking a new life or refuge from violence to enter our Country.In the article, Sanchez states that some Mexican families are afraid of the borders, specifically the border guards. Mothers prohibit their children from going near the border, in fear that they will be abused by border guards. Our borders are such an over display of power and violence, that they contradict the United States goal of being a place where others can come to gain a better life. People are forced to try and sneak into the United States to seek refugee because the borders have become such an uninviting place.