The Evil power of the Fart


Breaking wind, passing gas, cutting the cheese, no matter how we say it farting is something that causes embarrassment and unwanted looks of disgust. But why is something that is a natural occurrence condemn by society? Other things such as burps, coughs and sneezes don’t bring about as much negativity as farts; all are unpleasant to be around.

According to Kristen Bell, the negative connotation of farts range in severity and reasoning in different cultures. Here in America more times than not women get looked upon more harshly for farting. The reason for this is because society’s view of women is the idea that they are pure and such a negative smell could not come out of them. When taught etiquette it is noted that women should only release any flatulence in the privacy of their homes. Throughout the world many cultures relate farts with negative spirits. The embarrassment that follows from farts in the past have led to the suicide of members of society. Why does such a natural thing cause this result?  The main reasons for the negativity of farts are because of the smells that they bring about afterwords. It is not the sound or the mere fact it was a discharge of the body. The reason for the negativity is the smell and the fact there is no way to escape and be forewarned that you are coming into contact with the fart. The person who farts therefore holds all of the power.