Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Interacting with strangers is a complicated issue. Interaction between two humans who don’t know each other is something of interest to me. As a kid growing up in the United States I was always taught to never talk to strangers. Is this different culturally? Growing up, I am now faced with instances where I am forced to speak with humans I have never spoke with before and I am curious how I decide how much information about myself I can reveal to a new person. I want to know the “rules” when it comes to judging a person or deciding whether or not they are trustworthy enough to talk to.

“Hug, hit, or ignore?” is an article posted on the website ‘PopAnth” by Erin B. Taylor. In the article, which nudged me to write on this, Taylor talks about her experiences with strangers in London and Australia. On the subway in London when the train was broken down she began to exchange a few words with a stranger and people looked at her funny. When encountering new people in Australia Erin noticed their willingness to share personal information, goals, dreams, aspirations, all within the firs five minutes of speaking to each other.

These examples show a cultural difference in the way that humans approach strangers. In the United States we are culturally diverse and these different approaches are all around. If there were a better se of “rules” or norms governing the interaction between strangers then these interactions will become much more fluent and less awkward. I can eventually lead to something bigger with more people being willing to share ideas and aspirations and it could allow our society to  grow with more human interaction and shared ideas.