Selling the Language Gap

Language is an important factor in our everyday lives. There is a quote stating “you are only as intelligent as the words you know”. By understanding this people can change the ways they teach the young to allow them the education to leave their distinguished social class. The article mentions solutions on child rearing ways by teaching low-income families words to teach their child. This may allow everyday violences to cease to exist because people would have the capability to be on the same level as everyone else. This article also shows what the authors opinions on what should be done rather than what they are doing. Teaching children in multiple ways through semiotics and language will allow them to bridge the social hierarchical gap.

This is important to learn about because it brings light on a subject that anthropologists study language and social hierarchy. This article discusses the importance of kinship and education to who teaches the young and what is possible to teach the teachers to educate their students. Furthermore understanding language allows the comprehension of identity, socialization, ideologies, and social space. By learning these it can demographically type certain areas for reasearch and study and create solutions for world issues.