Online anti-racism

In his article “What is so real about online anti-racism” James Jang explores the anti-racism bloggers of Tumblr. James notes that many people often associate these anti-racism bloggers as “inauthentic posers” who are not getting anything done by just posting words on a social media site. Now while these anti-racism blogger may not be going out into the public sphere and attempting to get things changed both James and I do see a value to what these people are doing.

The value of these bloggers work is not in enacting change that can be seen as a direct result of what they do. Rather the value in these people’s work is in starting the conversation about racism that is being experienced in the world. Once people are talking about a topic and it starts to gain support that’s when the real world change comes into effect. The change that occurs is a direct result of the work that the bloggers did when they posted.

If this class has taught me anything it’s that in most cases there is more to something than most people think. There is more to understand than the common explanation. I feel that this concept really applies in the case of this article because these bloggers are really doing more than people think they are. They are sparking debate that gets people interested, and people need to be interested in something to get it to change.