Kissing Kills?

Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit in the title, but kissing is more dangerous than most think. Greetings and showing affection can often be misinterpreted. This is in large part because culturally greetings and affection are shown in different ways throughout the world. A kiss on the cheek for example can be interpreted in various ways depending the cultural context you grew up in. I came across an article titled “This brings me to another thing: the danger of kissing on the mouth” by an assistant professor of anthropology Matt Thompson, which inspired me to continue with this topic.

This idea ties into the dangers of kissing. In the United States we have people from all different cultural backgrounds. This means that there are many existing forms of greetings and ways to show affection. When meeting new people you have to be careful of this new person’s ways to greet someone. Often Europeans and Hispanics will give a kiss on the cheek to greet. This can become problematic in the sense that diseases and sickness can easily be spread this way. This is especially problematic when having an infant, people often will want to kiss your baby.

I believe that if there were a universal code or certain way of greeting that this could be very beneficial to stop spreading sickness and disease. If everyone made meaning of a greeting in the same way that is healthy this would cut out any confusion and would be very beneficial to our overall health as a society.