If You See Something, Say Something!

Sexual violence and harassment are sensitive topics that people often do not feel comfortable discussing. They are taken into serious matters and can scar a person’s life for a long time. The stakes are higher for college students to be victimized in some type of sexual violence or assault. Chances are more likely for college women to be harassed on a college campus from their peers or even from their professors. It is an uneasy matter talking about it nevertheless dealing with it. But in reality it happens and sometimes goes unreported. In the article “Dealing with Reality”, writers



One thought on “If You See Something, Say Something!

  1. I enjoyed your article and think that it is useful to understand the aspects in college this is because we are in college. However it would have been better to split your article into paragraphs to state what you learnt from the article you read and how it connects to anthropology.

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