*Hands Up* A symbol that’s sweeping the nation

At this point in time, Mike Brown’s story has become renowned, it is a nationwide awareness about his case. Mike Brown was shot by a police officer in Ferguson, MO. Witnesses say that they saw the officer shoot at Mike Brown with his hands up in the air to demonstrate his surrender. The hands up gesture has become a emblem for Mike Brown as people protest for the justice of his death. The gesture has also become the symbol to all the black lives that have been victims to police brutality and racism. The incident in Ferguson sparked protest through the town and cameras focused on Ferguson to see the next step. When the nation found out that the police officer who killed Mike Brown would not be indicted the nation fell silent and then went into chaos. Protest were being done everywhere not only for Mike Brown but other victims that have been called by officers. Mike Browns death has become a significant piece to a wider movement for equality. With this case it has open peoples eyes more than it has ever, the social media is constantly in arguments about Mike Brown. It has also made our citizens question the trust in the nation. It has made people¬†realize that we as a nation need to fix the problems that are caused for black youth in our society.