For Her

Recently a lot of items are being made specifically for women. Companies are trying to make differences between men and women in our normal everyday products. In Products like pens, BIC company made these pens called BIC Pens For Her that come with purple and pink pens. They are pens made specifically for women which makes you question what was the difference before in the old pens, were women using “manly” pens? This company is selling regular pens and just changing the color to be more “feminine”. The company states that it’s designed to fit a woman’s hand.  When releasing the product there were lots of mocking reviews. Anonymous comments were being written by women ,”Since I’ve begun using these pens, men have found me more attractive and approachable”. Reviews like these along with comedy raises our awareness of the bigger issue of how gender is still being policed in our everyday lives.  With the release of the comedic reviews of the pens, came a raised awareness and opportunity to address the issue in a friendly manner. People were reacting to the idea of pens now becoming gendered products. Through sarcasm and satirical reviews people realize the purchase and use of the gendered products in our society.