Demolishing the Masculine Hierarchy through “Three Wolf Moon”

In the world of dating there are “Alpha” males and “Beta” males. In a study done by Cornell University, men enact different varieties of masculinity, each type organized in a hierarchy. At the top, we have hegemonic masculinity classified by the “dominating, idealized man” which are associated with “Alpha males.” “Beta males” on the other hand enact subordinate masculinity which is classified by a lack of self-confidence and not fitting the ideal. For years products have been advertised to Beta males in order to increase their confidence and therefore get closer to expressing hegemonic masculinity. However, with the rise of the internet, these strict gender roles are beginning to break through due to satirical product views. In the article, The Internet for Herthe author discusses the comedic amazon reviews of the t-shirt, ” Three Wolf Moon.” Reviews claim the product attracts women from 40 miles away and that the t-shirt imbues the wearer with magical sexual prowess. This is a parody of products like Axe body spray that earnestly promises to “make you more of a man.” Through comedy, these reviews expose the ridiculous nature of the masculine gender roles and help to break down the rigidness that ensnares men. With raising awareness on the nature of gender-based marketing, societal pressures on enforcing gender roles are slowly lessening, making for a more accepting culture.