Cities Beyond the Stars

Television shows such as Star Trek have created images in people’s minds that somewhere, out in the infinite cosmos of the universe, exist foreign creatures that are different from us.  However, many people think that aliens have influenced the development of man, such as the building of the pyramids, the aqueducts, or even just breeding with humans.  There are conspiracy theorists who believe aliens have been to Earth and have changed it into what we know today.  But why is there such a huge obsession with aliens?  They have been seen in tons of media such as Mars Attacks!, Santa Claus versus the Martians, and many more.  But what is the big deal about aliens influencing our world?

I would argue that part of the reason is because we humans don’t like to think we are alone in the universe.  There is this thought that there must be something out there beyond us.  There is a civilization amongst the stars that has developed an ideal, perfect society with no drawbacks.  Many like to believe that since we are so “terrible” as a species that we couldn’t have made it this far without outside help.  Yet is that really the case?  There is no concrete proof one way or the other that proves whether aliens helped build some of our greatest achievements in the world.  However, it is pointless to argue that aliens helped because we couldn’t have done it.

Man is capable of making great things.  We have done things that wouldn’t have seemed possible 60 years ago.  We adapt and we prosper without the need of any Starmen.  It is a shame that so many people lean on the “alien” card to explain so many things about the world.  If more people studied the things in question, rather than instantly blaming aliens, we could be closer to learning how they truly came to be.

Article:  Aliens and Archaeology