Changing Climate, Changing People

It seems that climate change is less a result of physical actions and more of a result of an age old system. Capitalism has fostered a human dependence on fossil fuels, a need for consumerism, and economic expansion. Money and greed are killing our planet, especially as of late. Within the last ten years temperatures have risen significantly and if something is not done quickly it may be too late (Capitalism vs The Climate).
I find it sad that some areas that severely suffer from the effects of climate change have no major economy, and therefore do not contribute largely to the issue. Take for example the Carteret Islands in Papa New Guinea, they trade by means of shells- this is not one of the industrialized countries whose economic systems call for mass production, shipping, and drilling. Yet, these people were forced to leave their island as it is going underwater due to the rising sea levels destroying their farming land (Sun Come Up).
This is a prime example of structural violence, these people need food and a place to live but the system of industrialized capitalism is taking that away from them, no matter how indirectly. Just as with capitalism within a single country, the richest are receiving all the benefits and the poor are left to face the consequences. Capitalism is affecting those who do not even participate in the global system- how is this fair? By looking at climate change in terms of violence on other peoples and acknowledging the importance of saving cultures, perhaps we can call more attention to this issue and get a new group of advocates to step up.