Attack of the Social Media Zombies

Social media is an important aspect to getting news out to the public. The author of the article dictates his experiment of creating a dialog of Baltimore and what it’s going through. He discusses the aspects of what social media does and creates a dialog for people based on the poster and the replier of news. He states the multiple aspects of it from placing important news worthy news about drugs and crime to food and leisure. This use of social media is important because it is used as a study for what the public wants for demographic studies. This will allow companies to package that information and use it in their companies strategies. Moreover he states the differences of multiple monsters of media old and new media, with social media becoming huge.

This is connected to anthropology because it describes what is possible for generating ethnographic fieldwork. Moreover the use of social media allows the understanding of a specific place and will make meaning toward an individual or a group or a location. Furthermore this article shows the interconnection and viral spread of news to and from people. Thus understanding hierarchical structures of the influencers and influenced we apparently become zombies melding to one another and accessing each others information. Which further emphasises the kinship relationship.