An Unfit Mother

In the article What Does it Mean to be a Mother? by Matt Thompson he highlights how people do not have sympathy for Nancy Lanza, the mother of the murderer responsible for the deaths of the 26 children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Often people do not count her death in the death toll from Adam Lanza’s murders that day. “In a Washington Post report from Newton, CT, one local resident was quoted ‘I am feeling that there is more anger toward the mother than there is toward the son.’” People blame her for raising the killer and judge her parenting skills.

People are constantly judging a woman on her mothering skills, and blame her if there is a problem with her child. People are always worried about how a child is being raised by their mothers. Even though many people have different ideas on how to correctly raise a child. This can often be attributed to people’s own relationships with their parents or their social background.

Another important aspect is how the father was hardly ever mentioned. Of course this could be because he was not killed in the events that day, but when talking about parenting, one may think he should be mentioned. This may be because in the American society it is believed the mother should do a majority of the care-taking. This does not mean that the father did not have an affect on Adam Lanza’s actions. When people discuss the upbringing of a person they may care to take into account the father and the mother’s affect on the child, before calling the mother unfit.